Maike Lond

Maike has graduated Interfaculty ArtScience at Royal Academy of Arts, Den Hague. She is one of the initiators of an artist collective MIMproject. Maike is mainly working in the field of performing arts as a director-performer and dramaturge. She is playing guitar in a noise rock band Zahir. Currently she is running transdisciplinary performing arts platform e⁻lektron. 

Taavet Jansen

The topic of Taavet Jansen's doctoral thesis at Tallinn University is the development of a methodology for cooperation between art and science in the context of the performing arts. Taavet is one of the founders of the art and technology collective MIMproject and a lecturer in multimedia at the Department of Performing Arts of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

Andrus Laansalu

Andrus Laansalu writes a doctoral thesis on the breakdown of art objects and the properties of materials, which lies between art science and conservation. He teaches art analysis based on evolution theory and biosemiotics at the Estonian Academy of Arts. At one point, he worked as a sound engineer in the computer game industry, but no longer. In his spare time he plays a double bass or sax or builds a motorcycle.

Kaie Olmre

Kaie Olmre is a cultural worker with a props making and art teacher background. From 2012 she works as a project writer at the Ukrainian Culture Center and from 2017 as a producer at Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

Andres Tenusaar

Andres Tenusaar is an audiovisual artist. He has worked as an animator and director in the Nukufilm studio and operates his own Peata Film. He has made numerous videos for theater and dance shows, several short animations of experimental nature and composed music for films. He is also active in VJ.

Katrin Aaslaid

Katrin Aaslaid has been an entrepreneur and project manager. Since 2012 she has been developing and managing the largest Estonian travel company Estravel partnership and loyalty programs.

Hendrik Kaljujärv

Hendrik Kaljujärv is a composer and performer. Performs music with Karl Saks (Cubus Larvik) and Maarja Nuut. Hendrik has a solo project called "ruum". Has created music for many productions and directed himself. Studying audiovisual creation at the The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Evi Pärn

Evi Pärn is a multimedia artist, graduated from the Estonia Academy of Arts - MA in New Media Arts and BA in graphic design. She is interested in creations related to communication problems of people and society, the key issues being the power and choice of media. Her interests include performing arts, visual media, contemporary theater, animation, activism and documentary.

Henri Hütt

Henri Hütt is a (performing) artist, whose spectrum of artwork contains predominantly technological performative acts, sound-performances, staged exhibitions, curating, writing, installative performances and other unattainable formats.

Bohdana Korohod Bohdana Korohod is an artist and independent researcher. She has graduated Political Science from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine) and Leiden University (The Netherlands). Currently she’s a student of MA Sound and Visual Technology program at Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. She works with visual arts and performance. At e⁻lektron she’s curating an artistic&experimental program “fruitful misunderstandings. art+science”.

Kristjan Jansen

Kristjan Jansen is a user experience designer, engineer and educator. He used to work for Skype and Taxify / Bolt. Kristjan is currently building an interactive learning environment Fachwerk.

Andrus Aaslaid

AAndrus Aaslaid is an engineer whose everyday job as electronician and programmer is “giving machines their soul”. Over time, his interest has moved increasingly towards the soul, from physics to philosophy, from analog electronics to art, and from the digital world to geometry.

Raul Keller

Raul Keller has been engaged in a multitude of contemporary art practices, focusing on site-specific sound installation, performance, improvisation, DIY culture, video- and radiophonic art since the end of 90s. He was a professor and head of New Media chair in the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Hanna-Liisa Pender

Hanna-Liisa is a PhD student and interaction designer at the School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University. She is interested in design theory and co-creation methods in transdisciplinary projects.

Aleksander Väljamäe

Aleksander Väljamäe runs Neurotheatre Collective, he is a senior Research Fellow and lecturer at University of Tallinn.

Kalle Tikas

Kalle Tikas has been engaged with theatre works for two decades. He has created mainly sound and light solutions for theatre as well as live and written music for contemporary performances. He has been working with United Dancers of ZUGA and MIMproject as well as musical collectives BF and Ringhold.

Jaan Evart

Jaan Evart lives in Tallinn and Amsterdam. After his studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie he received his Masters from Arnhem Werkplaats Typografie. He works as a freelance designer in Estonia and internationally, mostly in the culture sector.

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