The Opening And Other Shows

Transdisciplinary Art Festival of Spooky Action At A Distance

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  • Supported by:Ministry Of Culture, Cultural Endowment of Estonia
  • Photo:"Young Artist" by Elina Masing, live stream, 2020

The 3rd transdisciplinary art festival will be held at Kopli 27, Tallinn and online
We invite artists to present their thoughts and works in the context of the phenomena of the spooky action at a distance which was first described and named by Albert Einstein.
Our hope is that whoever you are and wherever you are you’ll think about it and say "Indeed, I do have few notions about this particularly confusing thought".

This year we are curious about montage between natural and artificial, between natural and synthetic. We are in a state of constant contradictions – we can be fighting for declining forests yet we are careless about our digital waste forgotten in the cloud. Hundreds of hot servers roaring. We are conflicted, even schizophrenic, because that is how we have built our societies.

We will invite artists whose experimental and risky creations we appreciate and therefore we want a wider audience to get to know them - a small festival is a good concentrated environment where the visitor/viewer can get to know their creative language. It is important to us that the artist feels that he is free to experiment with forms that may not be traditional and/or safe for him.

Participating artists:
*Photinus Studio (UKR) / _mediaclub & “Conductor” by Eugen Arlov, Yevheniy Kucheriavyi, Daria Maiier, Dmytro Tentiuk and Mykhailo Vybodovskyi
*“Something Great” (eˉlektron) by Maike Lond, Inga Salurand, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Kaie Olmre, Kim Noble (ENG), Mait Vesker, Johhan Rosenberg, Asuna Arashi (JP)
*“Year Without a Summer” by Mikk Mait Kivi, Üüve-Lydia Toompere, Emer Värk, Renzo van Steenbergen (NL), Johhan Rosenberg
*“Schema” by Karl Saks, Jaan Evart
*“FrostBite” by Jette Loona Hermanis, Anna Ansone (LV), Krišjānis Elviks (LV), Sofija Putniņa (LV), Martina Gofman
*Kausaal with Clara Amaral (PT), Eline Selgis, Bohdana Korohod (UKR), Heneliis Notton
*metaeeter by Ruslan Stepanov, Liisbeth Horn ja külalised
*“4EVER” by Kelli Gedvil and Natalia Wójcik, FREMEN
*“room of words” by Maria Matiashova (UKR)