Annika Üprus

Artistic Director. Curator., +372 5175775

Kaie Olmre

Managing Director., +372 5241778

Alissa Šnaider

Dramaturgical Advising. Curating. Social Media Managment.

Hendrik Kaljujärv

Technical Manager.

Anu Almik

Project Manager.

Jaan Evart



Krista Jakobson-Hadar, WWW stuudio, Maike Lond, Taavet Jansen, Bohdana Korohod, Kristjan (Kika) Jansen, Daria Khrystych.

Special thanks

Eneli Järs, Andrus Aaslaid, Andrus Laansalu, Evi Pärn, Katrin Aaslaid, Tencu, Raul Keller, Henri Hütt, Eleonora Tikas, Priit Raud, Kalle Tikas.


Stage of the future

Andrus Aaslaid built a stage for us in two weeks. One that fits in your web browser and connects performers and viewers across the globe. Then Kristjan Jansen came and continued to peck. Each show is unique. Some use several stages at once, some want to communicate face-to-face with the audience, some want the audience to participate in creating the best manifesto in the world, some want to move the viewer into a virtual space or dance in the middle of a 360* performance. If you imagine a blackbox, it's not all complicated - the walls are, the ceiling is and the floor and the audience podium are as well. But now imagine that your only tools are, on average, slower internet, code, and squeaky computer speakers, so you can guess how damn difficult this task is. We are dealing with it day by day. To give you, cut off from the world, the opportunity to offer a collective, intimate, imaginative moment. A world where you can be alone together. Our stage of the future has been appreciated by artists, critics as well as Universal Music and other start-up competitions, hackathons and accelerators.

Arts creates and presents transdisciplinary artworks/performances for both physical and virtual stage be it made with a paint brush, played by guitar, viewed through oculus or experienced as XR. As long as it speaks to us and has a twist.

Creative Council constists of Urmas Lüüs, Ott Karulin, Hedi-Liis Toome, Kadi-Ell Tähiste and Liis Vares.


We develop tech when we play with ideas of neurotheater, when we make visuals for nightclubs, and when the world shuts, we build a stage from code, when bars close we build a bar from code with equal love to traditional theater and contemporary performing art pieces. Our virtual stage is the stage of the future. Art and technology terra incognita. all the wishes and dreams of the artists we write in code. We make impossible possible. The foundation of is strong theater experience, technological skills, and a digital punk attitude that allows you to do things differently, breaking the rules and creating new ones. We luv it all.


Immediate feedback, direct manipulation, collaborative real-time interfaces, and mothers of all demos: has gone deep reading on the interaction design history and the heroes of the forgotten revolution: Douglas Engelbart, Alan Kay, and Bret Victor. Bringing the lost android dreams to the digital activism and performing arts of the future, we follow the tracks of the pioneers of the human-machine interfaces, mixing it with original free internet dream, creating transcendental experiences in post-metaverse-universe.

Research's projects and technical development have earned the attention of several universities and researchers. Several Ph.D. students have developed their prototypes in eˉlektron's projects. The first prototypes are made to use audiences' emotions to create a proper neurotheater performance.



First there was punk and then ballet. Then electronic music that became opera. Our team has a long history in performing arts from sound, video and light design to interactive installations, from dramaturgy to performing and directing. Sometimes failing, sometimes it's a success. Usually both. That's the way we learn.


Despite our soviet keep-your-head-down kinderstube we have managed to make some good friends in universities like Tartu University, Tallinn University HCILab, and Estonian Art Academy. They have experts and students and we have curiosity. We also have made friends among festivals and curators around Europe. We collaborate with Kanuti Gildi SAAL, FFT Düsseldorf and Pixelache and Aavistus Festival Helsinki. And of course we have made some friends among artists and audience. Oh and yes, don’t forget the Estonian Ministry Of Culture.


Admittedly most of us are colorblind and in general tilt towards black and white. But it’s just most of us. No more, no less. We are great in interaction design and postcard design and we 🖤 our logo.


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