The Dawn Chorus

The Dawn Chorus is a listening session with a performative part of the workshop on outdoor recordings of nature sounds.

  • Link Dawn Chorus:
  • Curators of the workshop:John Grzinich and Sten Saarits
  • Light designer:Mikk-Mait Kivi
  • Dance artists:Nele Suisalu, Eline Selgis
  • Workshop organiser:MoKS
  • Supporters:Estonian Academy of Arts, Cultural Endowment of Estonia
  • The Dawn Chorus project was part of the Tartu 2024 programme.
  • Listening session is free of charge.

On 5-6 May, students from the Estonian Academy of Arts held an outdoor recording workshop in the Taevaskoja area of South Estonia, recording nature sounds using both conventional recording equipment and various immersive microphones. At the same time, they took part in the international Dawn Chorus internet radio project, streaming birdsong from different locations around the globe during the 24 hours before sunrise.

We listen to recordings of nature and birdsong made as part of the workshop in the art hall, using a multi-channel spatial speaker system, noting the differences in spatial sound quality in both stereo, first-order ambisonic and the much more detailed third-order ambisonic formats.

The performative part of the listening session explores human/non-human relationships through movement and somatic sensitivity. It attempts to enter the multiple spheres of corporeality to encounter human nature.

You have arrived to the place where the heaven touches the earth,
the world emerging from the silent stillness.

Here everything is yearning, there is no escaping, and everyone's eternity has its own flavour.