Eesti Rahwa Edenduskunst


Experiment about being Estonian at kunstisaal.

  • On stage:BOT's Joel Väli/Marto Mägi, Andreas Kübar, Ats Kruusing, Erik Hõim ja Eke Ao Nettan
  • Costumes:BOT's
  • Duration:50'
  • Place of action:Estonia - the land on which many glorious battles have been fought

BOT is a group of stage artists who dream of an escapist world peace and the rather unlikely possibility of escape. Their art is a declaration of love for equality and try to win something even when the probability of winning is small.
The stage play Eesti Rahwa Edenduskunst is like a history lesson that takes a bird's-eye view from the time of national awakening to the present day, the morning-after of the Estonian Republic. Explores the symbols of the country and the roots of our statehood, the ways and reasons of being an Estonian.
At the same time, the stage play is also a preparation for February 24, a day when, at least when standing in front of Pikk Hermann, there are no loose ends or questions in the style of "where do we come from and who are we".

Take the performance as a meeting. As you come, be prepared to answer some questions and take part!