Algorithmic Gestures / participatory online performance

“Algorithmic Gestures” explores the nuances of social interactions online

“Algorithmic Gestures” explores the nuances of social interactions online. This performance unfolds through a series of instructions mediated by layers of interpretations by both humans and machines.

::: In this three-act online experience, the audience and two performers co-create the show, with an automated system as the mediator in between.

::: The audience will be asked to send requests to the performers in two ways: before the show and during the show in the chat.

::: The automated system will process the requests and choreograph a series of instructions for the performers to follow.

/// details ///

::: act 01
A series of requests are collected from the audience beforehand, and will be reconstructed by the system into a series of instructions. The performers will interpret the instructions with their bodies.
Leave your requests here:

::: act 02
Audience will write down in the chat what they want the performers to do. The performers will react to the requests as they see them.

::: act 03
The system reconstructs the requests collected from act 02. The performers will follow a processed version of the requests choreographed by the system.

Performance System: Carrie Sijia Wang
Performers: Kathie Halfin, Tuty Moreno Campos

/// artists ///

::: Carrie Sijia Wang

Carrie Sijia Wang is a New York-based artist using coding, video editing, graphic design and live performance to create meaningful interaction. She is interested in how systems, rules, and regulations affect cultures, beliefs, and rituals. The juxtaposition between the real and the fictional, the rational and the absurd is a recurring theme in her work.

::: Tuty Moreno Campos

Tuty Moreno Campos is a multidisciplinary argentinian artist. In her work she uses video, performance, and drawings where everyday materials and sounds are often included. She dives into how external conditions affect us, and how art can be a valuable response to them. Through video performance she reflects on the relationship between body and disease. She uses her ink drawings to propose breaks in language and space, and play with the uncontrollable.

::: Kathie Halfin

Kathie Halfin is an interdisciplinary performance artist. Halfin’s performances, videos and more recently short film explore simultaneity and different versions of reality particularly in relation to memory and adaptation in the aftermath of migration experience. She embodies and visually articulates tension between contradictory cultural ideals that constitute mental and geographical borders and belonging to a place.

/// the performance is a result of an online residency "JUST A STAGE" that was held in the frame of artistic&experimental program "fruitful misunderstandings. art+science" mentored by Taavi Suisalu, Kat Mustatea, Taavet Jansen, Andrus Aaslaid, Kristjan Jansen, curated by Bohdana Korohod ///