Residency Opening. LIVE Panel with Taavet Jansen, Andrus Aaslaid and Kristjan Jansen / LIVE Panel with Kat Mustatea

eˉlektron, together with 4 mentors from the fields of performance, technologies, sound and visual arts, invited 8 creative professionals and 1 sound collective to explore the borders dividing and limiting us now and to make an attempt in transforming them into thresholds through the form of online performance.

During 2 weeks in late November/beginning of December, 2 temporary collectives will be formed and guided through the process of creation of 2 online performances that will be staged at

At the residency opening eˉlektron team will talk about its artistic activities and technological solutions regarding the form of an online performance.

Links to code repositories:

LIVE Panel with Kat Mustatea / 18.00 (EET, Tallinn time)

Kat Mustatea, USA
Kat Mustatea is an imagination engine whose tech-native storytelling stretches theater into the digital age.
She has written plays in which people turn into lizards, a woman has a sexual relationship with a swan, and a one-eyed cyclops tries to fit into Manhattan society by getting a second eye surgically implanted in his head.
She is a co-curator of EdgeCut, a live performance series that explores our complex relationship to the digital, and a member of NEW INC, the art and tech incubator at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. Her most recent language-based work, VOIDOPOLIS, was featured at the 2020 Ars Electronica + The Grid: Exposure Festival and won the 2020 Arts and Letters “Unclassifiable” Prize for Literature. Her work with synthetic language was recently detailed by Cueva Gallery.
She studied philosophy at Columbia University and sculpture at Pratt Institute, worked as a software engineer and product manager, and founded a theater company in Berlin. Over the last decade, she has developed cross-disciplinary works for the stage that combine music, dance, and highly emotional theater. Her plays have been performed in New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Oslo.


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