Tambet Tuisk & Taavet Jansen

Every night is different. Memento is a physical, poetic journey performed by three actors.

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  • By:Tambet Tuisk, Taavet Jansen
  • Performers:Luisa Lõhmus, Maria Valk, Johanna Vaiksoo, Liisbeth Kala, Anumai Raska, Pirte Laura Lember, Theodor Tabor, Saamuel Pilpak, Germo Toonikus
  • Camera:Jürgen Volmer
  • Light design:Siim Reispass
  • Programming, tech:Taavet Jansen, Tom Tristan Kidron
  • Marketing:Getter Marii Kalvik
  • Assistant:Gertu Tambah
  • Research consultant:Aleksander Väljamäe
  • Producer:eˉlektron
  • Co-producer:TÜ Viljandi Culture Academy
  • Support:Estonian Academy of Arts, Ministry of Culture. The project has been financed by the Ministry of Culture's measure of creative research in cultural and creative fields

Flow. Tambet Tuisk takes young actors to work with a method he calls flow. This flow, this method, starts from void. I'm lying, it's little more than void - maybe a chewed-up gum or a piece of tape. Anyway, it can be said that there is some kind of irrelevant object equivalent to emptiness. This object leads the actors to a reflection of their own lives as well as to modern society and beyond. How, you ask? Only Tambet, a longtime theatre and film actor, knows this.
Memento is an experimental piece based on the actors themselves. Throughout the play, themselves (who they are), their past (where they have come from), their reactions to the present (where they are) and their gaze at the future (what they dream of) are expressed.
Every night is different. Memento is a physical, poetic journey performed by three actors.

Memento is also a part of Taavet Jansen's research project INDEX which investigates the creation of synergy between viewers and performers of a digitally mediated work of art. Memento is also Taavet Jansen's second peer-reviewed project as part of his doctoral studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts

Memento is a hybrid production. Online viewers can join the show. Personal, interactive, fun. Anyone who wants to watch in a physical space can come. The performances take place in Viljandi and here, online.


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