Liisbeth Horn & Ruslan Stepanov

everything is possible. unstaged flow of thought. livestream

  • Hosts:Liisbeth Horn, Ruslan Stepanov
  • #4:TBA
  • #3:Ott Karulin, Heneliis Notton, Urmas Lüüs, Riin Maide, Alexei Gordin, Annabel Tanila ja Mait Vesker.
  • #2:Sigrid Savi, Maarja Kalmre, Jarmo Reha, Anita Kremm, Lisette Sivard, Maike Lond
  • #1:Liisa Saaremäel, Johhan Rosenberg, Kai Valtna, Kaja Kann, Karl Saks, Nele Tiidelepp, Annika Üprus, Hendrik Kaljujärv
  • Tech:Taavet Jansen, Hendrik Kaljujärv or someone else
  • Behind the scenes:Bohdana Korohod, Maike Lond, Kaie Olmre, Taavet Jansen, Hendrik Kaljujärv
  • Support:Estonian Ministry of Culture

metaeeter is a series of events airing throughout spring 2023. first one will air on the 26th of january. all participants have some kind of relation to performing arts.

the guests of the first metaeeter (and all subsequent ones) has been assembled by choreographers liisbeth horn and ruslan stepanov. they are convinced that broadcasting metaeeter is a great idea. in elektron we too are convinced, although… wtf?!? we do not understand how this is beneficial for society! as educational material 0. as opinion leaders 0. aesthetically, let's be honest, 0.
when we asked how we would communicate this to the public, Horn replied, “you definitely don't have to watch it”.
why are we doing this metaeeter then? well, because we can. we have a room and our own local twitchy thing. there is also a smoking corner. ad-free, ticket-free. accessible from anywhere.

honoured guests, representatives of the cultural sector

*meta is meta both in english and estonian. eeter – that’s a different story. eeter is both ether (one consumes it to acquire distorted thinking, euphoria, and visual/auditory hallucinations) and broadcast (TV personalities travelling long distances reaching each household slightly distorted)