EdgeCut performance series: CAPTIVITY

EdgeCut has partnered with New York Live Arts to present its first of three showcases exploring our complex relationship to the digital and how “liveness” is defined during this current moment on Oct. 10th from 6-11 pm EET. This first virtual iteration of the series is titled and centered around the theme of CAPTIVITY and will feature an international group of artists selected from an open call including Carrie Sijia Wang, Emily Twines, Theatre In Quarantine, Kate Ladenheim + The RAD Lab, Rourou Ye, Sadi Oortmood, Sylvain Souklaye, and XUE. Hang out in a virtual 3D space, watch live art, and mingle with an art/tech crowd in the US, Europe, and Singapore—all from the safety of your virtual pod! Tickets to the intimate 3D event: https://bit.ly/34f9Q8v

More info: https://www.edgecut.org/captivity


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