Elina Masing "Spasibo tebja"

When they were young they were working hard and got married even when there was nothing to take with them from home. Together they survived death and helped their neighbors but others still saw a sin in that. The living was earned in every possible way some welded all sorts of metal, some heated the whole district, some became naked in front of others every day with a timid smile. It made me anxious. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be in a room where everyone has seen you naked? It is a pity if you give more than you can, especially in times of deficit, especially if there is no need to give. It is a pity if someone who was screaming 20 years ago is still screaming. You have to serve a good word but first learn how to serve.
"Art has now lost its historical sense of direction. The concept of art is internally exhausted. Only the already known forms are combined according to which combination of non-artistic pressure is currently preferred,” writes Indrek Meos in his conspectus of philosophy. The aim of the combined fragments in Spasibo Tebja is to find familiar interpretations to narratives. There are few who come up with something unexpected, so the author asks, "Why don't you listen to me?" There can be found themes like cognitive distortion, segregation of the Estonian citizens and art which stands for making art. The author worked on the idea of William Greaves' Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One (1968), about which journalist Shelby Shaw wrote in 2018, "50 years later, we still don't know if this film is true or fiction."

Langugage: ENG
Duration: 1.15h
Director: Elina Masing
Assistant and operator: Aasmäe
Mentor: Karl Saks
Performers: Elina Masing, Aasmäe, Nadežda Fomenko, Vladimir Fomenko, Mik Razin, Eva Raud, Liisbeth Kala, Johanna Vaiksoo, Jaan Männima, Joao Reis, Nikolaos Gkentsef

Huge thanks:
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
The Eastern Block Designs
Crystal Rabbit
Elisabet Kond
Maria Valk
Hinder Maasik (Masa)
Ako Lehemets
Egert Lepiksaar
Jürgen Volmer
Liisa-Lii Tamme
Gabriele Carbone