Just A Stage

We encourage the residents to think beyond any possible technical restrictions of the medium. For that, eˉlektron offers its fluid venue-in-progress that works and transforms according to the artists’ projects. It also concentrates on a broader audience experience: the entrance and exit points to the performance, both in their virtual spatiality and the work’s content.

  • Mentored by Kat Mustatea, Taavi Suisalu, Ray LC, Vera Iona Papadopoulou.
  • Residents
  • Carrie Sijia Wang / New York
  • Tuty Moreno Campos / Mexico City
  • Kathie Halfin / New York
  • Rourou Ye / Los Angeles
  • Avan Omer / Amsterdam
  • Mary Notari / New York
  • a period of development
  • the area in a theater
  • a particular area of public life

Is it just a stage we’re in/on right now? What is it exactly anyway? Or, what could it be(come)?

“While the border seeks to prevent one from crossing, the threshold seems to invite such a crossover. […] While borders create clear divisions, thresholds mark a space of possibilities, empowerment, and metamorphosis. (…) the aesthetics of the performative aims at a border-crossing art, this means that it transforms borders into thresholds. The aesthetic of the performative allows for an art of passage”
–Erika Fischer-Lichte

above: “Algorithmic Gestures” / participatory online performance developed at the residency (Carrie Sijia Wang, Tuty Moreno Campos, Kathie Halfin)

above: “dis/placed” / online performance developed at the residency (Rourou Ye, Avan Omer, Mary Notari)