We encourage the residents to think beyond any possible technical restrictions of the medium. For that, eˉlektron offers its fluid venue-in-progress that works and transforms according to the artists’ projects. It also concentrates on a broader audience experience: the entrance and exit points to the performance, both in their virtual spatiality and the work’s content.

  • The residents are mentored by Taavi Suisalu, Vera Iona Papadopoulou, Armando Rotondi and eˉlektron team.
  • Residents
  • Allison Costa / New York
  • Dorin Cucicov / Bucharest
  • Feli Navarro / Cádiz
  • Grigoriy Sergeev / Saint Petersburg
  • Siya Ngcobo / Johannesburg
  • Lori Hepner / Pittsburgh

Each day we wake up in a new world. The very idea of certainty seems to have turned into irony. While it might feel like surrealists have already exhausted the power of words to manifest this state of being, we believe we can still have a say. A say in what we intend to make of today. A say which does not necessarily ask for words. A say to perform. A say to explore. Together.

6 art professionals were selected through an open call to join us in this exploration during the month of February 2021. The artists formed 2 temporary collectives in which they develop together their own manifestos in the form of an online performance while taking into account a broader audience experience.

The final results of both collectives will be a part of an online stage of the International Performing Arts Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance in the beginning of April 2021.