eˉlektron presents: Zahir's LP Seems Normal release party


Massive release party of Zahir's new album Seems Normal at Von Krahl. In case you didn't know, Zahir has provided nightmares for parents and guitar-trouble for kids since 1993.

  • At Von Krahl Bar 7.09
  • Tickets:Presale ticket 8/ 25€ (entrance& 12'' LP) from Fienta and at the door
  • Tartu show will be on the 21st of September at Genialistide Klubi

Seems Normal is performed by Tambet Jurno, Kiina Vargo, Maike Lond and Raul 'Don' Reinup, recorded and mixed by Magnus Andre and mastered by Taavi Aavik. Design by Gerty Villo.

And there's more! We start with Kristjan Pütsep and Renzo van Steenbergen's audiovisual installation Portaal finissage and End with a blast provided by pohuiwave band Siemens Nokia.

Doors 20:00
Zahir 21:00
Siemens Nokia 22:00