Lab in online performance making, mentored by Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll)

  • Participants
  • Karmel Naudre / Estonia
  • Jannik Rodenwaldt / Germany
  • Anna Olkinuora / Finland
  • Ariadni Kalabaliki / Greece
  • Dalia Kiaupaite / Lithuania
  • Esen Küçüktütüncü / Turkey
  • Drica Czech & Laís Aranha / Brazil
  • Valeriia Nasedkina / Ukraine
  • Sarah-Mace Dennis / UK
  • Noel Sengupta / India
  • Maksym Maksymchuk / Ukraine
  • Mentored by Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll)

We participate in a global laboratory on performance. That means it is about perception and action. It is a global conference of viewpoints. And a lab on diverse actions.

It is not about describing the situation as such. It is about exploring it as a state of transition.

We, the participants in this laboratory, want to explore where we are and its past.

We want to explore where we are and how we can describe it to others. This is why it is productive that each of us is completely somewhere else.

By describing and transmitting the situation(s) of our choice we are in, via the internet, we want to explore the parameters of their potential transitions – the potentials of inevitable but controllable change. We want to discover our potential to participate in the creation and management of change.

We want to reconsider our presence and actions:

  • where are we?
  • how and why is it where we are?
  • what is striking us and what would we like to change?

WATCH: Final showing of Zoom-based performances