This is YourSpace. We mean it. Your space for next 24 hours.

You are the creators of this work.

This is about you and the space.

This is an international democracy. 

Submit your proposals, and vote for the ones you want. Every 10 minutes the highest voted suggestion wins, and we make it happen, live. 

Tell us what you want to see happen, we are your avatars here. Nothing is off limits - give an instruction, make your mark, erase someone else’s, change what the space looks like, fight for your ideals, collaborate with the community - it’s YourSpace.

Over the 24 hours we will continue to bring in new objects for you to play with.

So have fun.

How will you choose to shape the space you share? Will you create, or destroy?


Authors/performers: Seo-hwon Ji (South-Korea), Seren Oroszvary (Australia), Paolo Panizza (Italy), Iveta Pole (Latvia), Marshall Stay (Australia)

Technical manager/Video designer: Mikk-Mait Kivi
Project manager: Maarja Kalmre
Co-producers: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, eˉlektron
YourSpace project is supported by Act in Art Network’s Culture and Art Programme

Seo-hwon Ji is a Korean artist and actor currently living and studying in Estonia. He is a master of Korean traditional music and Korean traditional mask dance. Regardless of the genre of the performance, he has worked in various ways as an actor in theater, musical, and dance performances, and as a choreographer and director. His interest is focusing on communication, relations, and harmony between his world and the universe.

Seren Oroszvary is an actor from Melbourne currently studying a MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making at The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Seren has lived, performed in and created theatre and film in Australia, Denmark and the UK. She is currently interested in exploring the synthesis of film, illustration, object, live music and anatomy in her theatrical work.

Paolo Panizza is a Theatre Director, Actor and Performer based in Milan. He studied acting in NYC and in Milan. He worked as actor in many theatre productions at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan and his cinema credits include “Che vuoi che sia” by Edoardo Leo, produced by Wanrer Bros Pictures. He worked as Theatre Director in Italy. He was also assistant director for James Conway (ETO) in the Opera Alcina by Handel. He also participated in Ana Sanchez-Colberg’s project “Love letters to Ana”.

Iveta Pole is a Latvian performance artist and actor currently living and studying in Estonia. Although her previous education and field of activity is rooted specifically in acting, Iveta always has been intrigued by interdisciplinary artistic expressions, which is why she sought to develop herself beyond the boundaries of theatre and cinema. Her interest has now shifted to exploring the unknown spaces between art disciplines and their set of rules.

Marshall Stay is a multi-disciplinary performance-maker from Australia. Shortly after graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2018, he co-created and directed a number of award-nominated theatre pieces, as well as continuing his practice as a freelance photographer and videographer within the artistic community. Currently studying an MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making in Tallinn, Estonia, he is continuing to broaden his creative toolkit and find new international collaborations. He is currently supported by the European Regional Development Fund.


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