Ambisonic doctoral concert "Diagonals"

Otto Iivari

Diagonals is a doctoral concert by a Finnish electroacoustic composer Otto Iivari.

  • Tickets:presale 10,- / EMTA student 7,- / on spot 15,-
  • Sündmus on osa Ruumilise heli päevade programmist ja toimub koostöös Elektroakustiliste Heliloojate Ühingu ja´iga.

The concert presents 3 new ambisonic compositions that explore space as an expressive musical parameter through the use of choreographic principles and the concept of micro sound.

Otto Iivari (b. 1987) is a Finnish electroacoustic composer and a doctoral student in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. His focus lies in the acousmatic, spatial electroacoustic music, designed for multichannel settings and ambisonic systems. Iivari likes to explore the potential of organic sound, emphasizing space and sound movement in his compositions. In his creative work he investigates the interconnectedness of expressive human movement and the perceived movement of sound. His piece Thở won the 2022 Europe's sixth Student 3D Audio competition in the category of contemporary/computer music and Weightless secured the 2nd place at the 2023 International Sonosfera Ambisonic Competition, the first honorable mention in CIME competition 2023 and reached the finals for Prix Russolo 2023. Otto Iivari is currently conducting artistic research under the guidance of Nikos Stavropoulos and Helena Tulve.


  1. Étude Cinétique (2024)

The term 'kinetic' typically denotes something related to motion or movement. It can
describe the energy inherent in an object due to its motion, or it can refer to processes or
systems involving motion. This ambisonic piece serves as a study of temporal form,
emerging through the perceived movement of sound. Étude cinétique also functions as a
listening exercise, inviting listeners to trace trajectories and various types of movement
behaviors of sound objects. The sound material originates from transformed recordings
of a prepared electric guitar and sand recorded through contact microphones by the
Pikakari beach.

  1. Diagonals (2024)

Diagonals is an acousmatic piece for ambisonics that draws inspiration from the
phenomenon of diagonality as explored across visual arts, philosophy, and the art of human movement. In the visual arts, diagonal lines create tension and dynamics when intersecting with horizontal and vertical lines. Our eyes naturally follow diagonal lines, generating a sense of movement, instability, and even disturbance. Similar to how diagonal lines disrupt the visual plane, a philosophical element inherent in phenomena can cut across traditional categorical boundaries. This acousmatic composition delves into the various qualities of diagonality within an artificial cubic space, where three-dimensional pathways of sound are crafted based on Rudolf von Laban’s space harmony. The sound objects originate from recording sessions featuring Vittoria Ecclesia
on bass clarinet, Heliä Viirakivi's vocals, and a rattling bamboo stick.

  1. Liminal (2024)

Liminal is an electroacoustic composition that delves into the concept of liminality, exploring the sensed coexistence of various alternating and simultaneous sonic spaces. Through the utilization of ambisonic microphone technology, the piece captures and manipulates the so called micro spaces, incorporating transformed recordings of small objects and percussion instruments. The piece invites listeners to contemplate the boundaries between different auditory realms and the transformative potential of liminal
experiences within three-dimensional soundscapes. The sounds were recorded in the electronic music studio of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the piece also includes a small, spontaneous moment of bagpipe playing by my dear former teacher, Margo Kõlar.

  1. Weightless (2023)
    Weightless is a spatial electroacoustic piece made for ambisonic system. The piece is inspired by the choreographic principles of Rudolf von Laban’s Effort theory. The piece uses manipulated field recordings, instrumental- and vocal recordings with a fresh connection to the philosophy of musique concrète. The movement of each sound object expresses weightless movement behavior based on Laban’s studies of human movement and dance. The piece was awarded a 2nd place in The International Sonosfera Ambisonic Competition, First honorable mention in CIME competition 2023 and it is in the finals for Prix Russolo 2023.