Ukraine Solidarity Screening #13 / Cities People Relations Cinema // “The Diviners”

Talk "Cities People Relations Cinema" + feature documentary “The Diviners”

  • Talk with photographer and urbanist Mattias Malk
  • Director:Roman Bordun
  • /60 min/

On Thursday at 19.30 (EECT) we start our Ukraine Solidarity Screening with a conversation, a talk, a speculation cities, people, their relations and cinema together with

  • a photographer and a urbanist Mattias Malk,
  • Ukrainian photographer and a filmmaker Roman Bordun,
  • Bohdana and Daria as hosts

At 20.00 you have a chance to see Roman’s feature documentary “The Diviners”, a kaleidoscopic portrait of contemporary Ukraine. Facets of the life of city dwellers in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv.

All of the raised funds will be donated in support of filmmakers and artists currently working on the ground in Ukraine.