Ukraine SolidarityScreening #8/ Mykola Ridnyi “Grey Horses”, “No! No! No!”

Online screening of Mykola Ridniy, an artist and filmmaker, born in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine.

  • Directed by Mykola Ridniy

Mykola Ridniy is an artist and filmmaker, born in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine. He is one of the founders of an art collective SOSka-group and SOSka gallery-lab, developing the artistic scene in the region. The artist uses different media, ranging from early collective actions in public space to the amalgam of site-specific installations and sculpture, photography and moving images. His works have been exhibited at Venice Biennial of Contemporary Art, Architekturzentrum Wien, Kaunas Biennale, Edel Assanti gallery (London), Blockhaus DY10 (Nantes) among other venues. His movies were screened at The Short Film Festival of Switzerland, DocumentArt Film festival, Kassel documentary film festival and others.


•“Grey Horses”, 2016•
docufiction, 38 min
The narrative is based on the records of interrogations and memories of relatives of the unknown Ukrainian anarchist Ivan Krupskyi – great-grandfather of the film’s author. Using parallels between different times to mix reality and fiction, the film poses questions about controversies surrounding the construction of historical memory and glorification of historical figures in relation to current political agendas.

•“No! No! No!”, 2017•
documentary, 22 min

An LGBT activist and poet, a fashion model, a group of street artists, a creator of a computer game – young people from Kharkiv, who witnessed the breakout of the war in the neighbouring region of Donbass. The proximity to the war affects each of the characters and their activities. Heroes react and reflect on political events through their specific relationships with the urban space and the reality of social media.

Tickets (put your own price, min 5 EUR; all of the funds will be redirected to support the artists and activists in Lviv providing humanitarian help to the refugees and people in need):