Shadowcasting: vabadus oleviku minevikus

Shadowcasting: vabadus oleviku minevikus is a one-time concert and screening event merging music performances by audiovisual artists from Austria, Hungary and Estonia with the first showing of the video-project Freedom in the Present Past.

  • Special thanks to:Aigar Vals
  • Kindly supported by:the Austrian Embassy in Tallinn
  • Doors:8 pm / lasts till late
  • Tickets:12 Euros Presale / limited amount

Freedom in the Present Past is an experimental short-film-project by Daniel Hüttler, Pille-Riin Jaik, Klaus Rabeder and Janina Weißengruber that was shot in four different rural places in Europe focusing on houses and their inhabitants: Székesfehérvár (HUN), Lümandu (EST), Waizenkirchen (AT) and Gresten
(AT). It deals with the concepts of property, well-being, rootedness and generational differences.

Items on display include: An old farm with poisoned soil, latex gloves impudently exploring and touching an environment that is not theirs, an old forest barn with a collapsed roof that became a home, four different cameras trying to hold on to something, each with their very own ways, a family home filled with Soviet stories and socialist dreams, insecure steps and movements towards a distant past and
another building housing a family and their business on muddy ground and cracking facades.

The event is an attempt to celebrate the outcome of the project with music performances by seven artists accompanied by live-coded visuals that use residue material of the video project.

Alley Catss (HUN)
Idklang (AT)
Vaim (EST)
Still (EST/AT)

yynona (AT)
Jette Loona Hermanis (EST)

Live-coded visuals:
polymorphic engine (AT)

Film screening:
Freedom in the Present Past (2023) by Daniel Hüttler, Pille-Riin Jaik, Klaus Rabeder and Janina Weißengruber (24 min)