elektron.experiment #5 STARTS.EE showing: "BIO-eˉlektron" / Inês Nêves & Jaime Lobato

Inês Nêves and Jaime Lobato will present two performances driven by electrocardiography and electromyography

Inês Nêves and Jaime Lobato will present two performances driven by electrocardiography and electromyography. Through electronic interfaces the audience will be able to witness the secret world of the bodily functions from a poetic point of view.
The performances are informed by the concept of “animal electricity”. In 1780, Luigi and Lucia Galvani discovered that the muscles of dead frogs' legs twitched when struck by an electrical spark. This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that studies the electrical patterns and signals from tissues such as nerves and muscles.
These performances by Inês and Jaime combine biological data with an artistic interpretation. They seek to grasp both the quantitative and qualitative complexities of the living body in a single immersive experience following the tradition of data-driven generative art.
The performances are followed by an artist talk moderated by Nuno N. Correia, a researcher and audiovisual artist working with digital performances and multisensory user experience.
WHEN: 29th of January, 19:00
WHERE: eˉlektron studio (Kopli, 27, Tallinn) & elektron.art
The event is free of charge

Inês Nêves is an artist, designer and performer based in Estonia and Portugal. Assuming drawing as the core of her practice, Inês approaches the act of making as an autoethnographic process that investigates the relationship between visible/invisible, material/immaterial and self/others. Holding a background in communication design, dance and textile crafts, she recurs to these disciplines to expand her drawing practice towards a more corporeal and human dimension. Thus far she has exhibited, performed and participated in artistic residences in Portugal and Estonia. Adopting a spirit of commoning, in parallel she has been co-organizing several artist-run spaces and events — approaching them as organisms that generate community and as artistic matter — such as: co-running the student-run gallery Vent Space Project (Tallinn, Estonia), the open artist residency Mart’s Garage (Tallinn, Estonia), and managing and curating the project-space Mais Uno +1 (Lisbon, Portugal). She recently co-founded an art, research and curating collective focusing on the decentralization of the arts, collective processes and situated practices. Furthermore, Inês has a publication on multidisciplinary collaboration and has been invited to participate in conferences, lectures and art-talks in Estonia, Portugal and Finland. In parallel to the STARTS.EE residency, Inês is currently also attending a curating and cultural production residency in Largo Residências (Lisbon, Portugal).

Jaime Lobato is a multimedia artist, composer, curator and independent researcher. He made his studies at the Faculty of Music in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He had three solo exhibitions, at the Sound Experimentation Space in the University Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Laboratorio Arte Alameda, and his retrospective at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Xalapa, México. His work is part of public and private collections. As a multimedia artist he has participated in several collective exhibitions in Mexico, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Montevideo, Hamilton, São Paulo, Bergen, Tallinn and others. As a researcher he worked at the Scientific Visualization Lab and the Virtual Reality Observatory Ixtli, he is founder of SEMIMUTICAS Research Seminar in Music, Mathematics and Computer Studies and Independencia BioLab – a biohacker space based in Mexico City. Now he works as a collaborator with the Institute of Mathematics, the Applied Mathematics and Systems Research Institute, the Aesthetics Research Institute and with the Cellular Physiology Institute in art & science projects (UNAM). He has several international publications in conference proceedings, journals and books, in editorials such as Cambridge Scholars, Springer-Verlag, Taylor & Francis, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Siglo XXI and the Mexican Mathematical Society.

The performances are the result of the artists’ STARTS.EE art+science residency – a form of collaboration where artists and researchers work together, led by curiosity, and inspired by the exchanges that transcend their domains' boundaries. The theme of this residency was visualization and sonification of biosignals in a performative context.

Residency hosts: TLU HCI Group and e⁻lektron
In collaboration with: Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies and STARTS.EU
Tallinn University team: Debora Conceição Firmino de Souza, Iuliia Paramonova, Nuno N. Correia
*We can only welcome visitors who present a proof of being vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19. Wearing a mask is obligatory.

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