elektron. experiment

The new format of eˉlektron focuses not on finished products but on searchable forms, which combines the theoretical concept of an artistic idea.

  • eˉlektron is supported by:Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City

Not everything has to be so god-damn serious. In the spirit of search, you have to explore and experiment, fail, and then maybe finally find it. The result may not be known in advance, nor may it be to succeed. But as with new solutions often, one can't tell the difference between success and failure.

#FAKEitTILLyouMAKEit #SupportTRIALandError

Experiments can take many forms, from purely online art to experiments in physical space, and indeed, hybrid solutions. Experiments also vary in length - from lightning tests to residencies lasting months - eˉlektron does not limit an excellent experimental idea over time. eˉlektron residencies have cooperated with the HCI laboratory of the TLU Institute of Digital Technologies and the STARTS.EU initiative to connect the artist in residency with the researcher, who work together on one idea. Such a residency aims to give rise to new ideas from such interdisciplinary activities, which would enrich practices in both fields.