Online theatre as a research instrument

This showing is an experiment where we show the new ideas to measure audience engagement during an online live event.

Online theatre as a research instrument

One of the big problems of online events is the lack of immediate feedback from viewers. Viewers do not like to be alone; performers do not like to be without viewers' input; organizers do not like ignorance of what viewers think. Chat-window and like-button, unfortunately, are no longer sufficient indicators of experience.

Since spring 2021, Taavet Jansen and dr. Alexander Väljamäe has been working on an experimental research project called "Online-theater as a Research Tool." The aim is to find a method of collecting feedback from viewers on an online event. How to collect data, synchronize it with a recording, analyze and draw conclusions about the success of an event.

In cooperation with e-lektron, a tool has been developed that allows viewers to express their reactions to using these data later. We will introduce this tool at this event, its possibilities, and its theoretical framing. But that's not all!

With us is a team of scientists from the Lisbon Technical University. They measure and map the physiological reactions of viewers. We can compare neuronauts' responses in an electron studio and virtual neuronauts' reactions in homes to the same content at this event. In the studio, we measure people's physiological responses and conscious choices in their homes.
Come and join our virtual presentation to see how our new instrument works!

Team: Taavet Jansen, Aleksander Väljamäe, Anu Almik
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Supports: development fund of University of Tartu
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