Inga Salurand

Kiss and Fly

Kiss and Fly is a space installation on memorising and chewing located at former shashlik bar at Adoffi 10.

Author of the installation, performer, sound designer:
Inga Salurand
Dramaturgical assistance:
Maike Lond
Technical assistance:
Magnus Andre, Hendrik Kaljujärv
Technical support, producer:
Project manage:
Eneli Järs

The initial starting point for the installation was a diagram drawn by Jenny Holzer on 1976. It is an abstract, schematic drawing of a city, below the drawing there is a text: “Retrospective painting as seen during the no past condition”.

Kiss and Fly unclasps itself from memories and stands against dragging along things, people, stories and traditions as well as repeating patterns.

This artificial city built for the festival reminds us that all spaces that we spend time in mental and physical world are liminal and meant only for passing through.

Location: Ferdinand Gustav Adoffi 10 (former Ani shashlik bar)
Wed, 6.07 14.00–16.00; 18.00–21.00
Thu, 7.07 14.00–17.00; 21.00–00.00
Fri, 8.07 14.00–16.00; 18.00–21.00
Sat, 9.07 14.00–16.00; 18.00–21.00

Language is no problem.