Behind The Layers

Kelli Gedvil

  • Artist:Kelli Gedvil
  • Subject:Ruumiantropoloogiad, Daria Khrystych (UKR), Liis Vares (EST), Bohdana Korohod (UKR), Inga Salurand (EST)
  • Producer:eˉlektron
  • Support:Baltoscandal Festival, Ministry Of Culture Estonia, Cultural Endowment Estonia, Tallinn City

Artist "archivist" Kelli Gedvil dug into the works of Anthropologies of Space at the Baltoscandal festival in order to somehow record the anthropological moments of Daria Khrystych, Liis Vares, Bohdana Korohod and Inga Salurand.
How to archive an experience? When is the archive complete? Archive as a separate work, what will become of the original? These questions are asked by me, the writer.

Summer 2022, Baltoscandal. Daria, Bohdana, Inga and Liis diving in the public and private spaces of the city of Rakvere; to find traces of thought, of memory, traces of traces; to look at and draw attention to the spaces that people have created for their well-being. Have we created something for being well?
Abandoned grill bar. The sun is at the zenith. In front of a shopping centre, one man chasing another with a hammer. Mediaeval crusaders pass by dragging child slaves behind them. Kilo of strawberries 4.50. This is what I, the current writer, remember.
Summer 2022, Rakvere.

Kelli Gedvil is an artist and curator, gallerist of the online gallery space Kelli's works are mostly installation, she works with video and interaction.

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Anthropologies of space

In 2020 eˉlektron started an experimental project Anthropologies of Space, in which the participating artists deal with issues of man and space. Even in the global context, the contemporary cultural space is in a new delicate situation. As cultural theorists have documented, contemporary precarity is linked to a broader range of technological, social, and political changes. Traditional "grand narratives" and values ​​associated with the Enlightenment and the old Western moral order are also constantly being called into question. Our traditional space of values ​​has to constantly explain and make sense of itself, to stand up for itself. Artists Daria Khrystych, Liis Vares, Bohdana Korohod and Inga Salurand focus on liminality. The concept of liminal spaces is familiar from architecture - spaces whose function is limited, whose role is to take the user from one place to another. These spaces are not for staying or being in - lobbies, corridors, streets, highways and abandoned spaces. Transitional spaces are also psychological spaces - spaces where we mentally prepare ourselves to consider what is on the other side. Big personal changes are also transition spaces - a child becomes an adult and leaves home, you are fired or you are caught in the emotional whirlwind of a divorce. In these spaces - both in a stairwell and in court - one is in limbo - neither here nor there. Transitional spaces can and must be treated as a material, semiotic and psychological whole. The 2022 Anthropologies of Space had their premieres at the Baltoscandal festival in different locations in the city of Rakvere.