Daria Khrystych, Bohdana Korohod, Inga Salurand, Liis Vares

Anthropologies of Space

Anthropologies of Space is an interdisciplinary (performance)art project initiated by eˉlektron. It will result in the creation of three new works at this year’s Baltoscandal...

Daria Khrystych (UKR), Liis Vares (EST), Bohdana Korohod (UKR), Inga Salurand (EST)
Maike Lond
Technical support, producer:
Project manager:
Eneli Järs

As the name suggests, artists deal with space and human. The environment and conditions around us are something that we perceive on a daily basis as "the thing in itself" - something that has been given to us but has become more and more strongly influenced today. Be it a global pandemic or a virtual reality that is becoming more and more a regular part of our sense of space.

Three different works by four artists are created in Rakvere. Liis Vares invites us to visit her apartment number 34, Daria Khrystych and Bohdana Korohod take us on a walk-with humans and non-humans of Rakvere and Inga Salurand invites us to a liminal room in the Rakvere City Park.