Daria Khrystych, Bohdana Korohod

Performing inscribed trajectories: a play in walks

(scripted walk / collective archive)
Soundscape for the walk

Initiation and walking-writing:
Daria Khrystych, Bohdana Korohod
Jaan Evart
Music composition:
Sander Saarmets
Translation to Estonian and proofreading:
Epp Aareleid
Walks with:
Leigi Kütt-Gistvall, Kaili Õunapuu-Seidelberg, Oak Trees, Angela Tikoft, Tipsu, Lilija Andrusischin, Ulyana Andrusischin, Rocks and Crows
Grateful to:
Lea Lehtmets, Eve Alte, Enno, Kaie Olmre, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Maike Lond, Eneli Järs, Felix Cognard, Liis Vares, Inga Salurand, Heneliis Notton and Kausaal, Lääne-Virumaa Keskraamatukogu
Published by:
In co-initiation with:
eˉlektron, Baltoscandal 2022, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

You receive a book – an invitation to walk and read differently. To write the city-text with different bodies. To be both the Spectator and the Performer of Rakvere – the Walker.

The book offers you three scripted walks, “Walk-with Care”, “Walk-with Not / Belonging” and “Walk-with Stillness”. Each of them narrates condensed affective perceptions of the city. Together they perform an archive of the ways to be in Rakvere.
The archive includes shared walks-with:

  • the locals who define Rakvere as their home,
  • the dwellers who befriended the city through community work,
  • the newcomers who came here, looking for a shelter from the war,
  • the trees who host the whole ecosystems,
  • the rocks who bear witness to thousands of years of history,
  • and the wind who was directing our routes.

After you receive the book, you can walk-read it at any time suitable for you while being in Rakvere. There is no predefined duration for the walks.

In exchange for the book, we kindly ask you to contribute to the collective archive of affective states of the city. This could be done on the spot when you pick up your copy.

We are waiting for you on 6-9 July:

12:00-15:00 in West-Viru County Central Library (Lai 7, Rakvere), and
17:00-20:00 in Rakvere Theatre.

When you depart on a walk, we recommend having with you:

  • a pair of headphones
  • a phone with internet access
  • comfortable shoes
  • an umbrella or a raincoat (for alternative reality weather: sun hat).

Book is available in three languages: English, Estonian, Ukrainian