Avaliku Sabotaaži Liit

The purpose of the Sabotage Alliance is to take life for a performance, to sabotage the unnecessary norms.

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About the Alliance / What’s the Deal?

Public Sabotage Alliance

Reality is an agreement, society is fake. The values and norms result from historically random events. A status quo doesn’t mean everything has to remain the way it is. Some rules are designed for assistance, some for protection, some for limitation, some are arbitrary leftovers. Shakespeare already said that life is a play and all the men and women merely players. So let’s go crazy and abandon what’s arbitrary or what’s more of a limitation than a permission. And the most important thing – let’s have fun, because as the proverb goes – yolo.

Are women unable to open the door by themselves? First arrived, first served? Or ladies first? I don’t know, who cares. Who was first, was first, gender has nothing to do with it.

Do we follow the rules of the game just because, or they actually lead us somewhere?
i’m born into a reality with clear pre-existing procedures, i haven't been the one making choices here. i take this “reality” for granted blindly, as something inescapable and unchangeable. it is shaping my thoughts, emotions, desires, fears and, as i’ve been fed these procedures since my birth, i tend to forget that actually one can live however they want. we are the ones setting up these rules and manifesting our lives. everything is an agreement and there is no need to get stuck in the grip of the past, no need to believe that the state of affairs is a natural and inevitable part of life just bcs things are as they are today.
We’ll have fun sabotaging what we don’t like!

The purpose of the Sabotage Alliance is to take life for a performance, to sabotage the unnecessary norms.
i.e the sabotage alliance doesn’t try to find a new system or tell which norms are ok and which are not, but rather to encourage us all to actively question and become aware of what is going on within and around us. we’re not fighting against everything, but we wish rather not to feel limited by phony rules that lack any reasoning. we are neither fighting fiercely for the sake of fighting, causing senseless trouble – arson the parliament building and get sentenced for treason, then serve a shorter term than the drug dealers.

Everybody is welcome to join the Sabotage Alliance – regardless of nationality, race, origin, gender, orientation, religion, age, socio-economic status etc. etc. etc. You can join us even if you are a complete idiot or ignorant, if all this seems totally lame to you, or if you don’t give a fuck about any of this stuff. The entry to the Alliance doesn’t oblige you to anything, merely provides you with an opportunity to live your life the best you can. None of the members are standing behind the same views for 100%, so anyone wishing to sabotage the positions of the Alliance itself is also welcome to join us. In the framework of the Alliance we
fuck with the system. Question the normality and the social convictions in order to prevent stagnation and instead foster movement.
perform life as we please. The world is a fiction, thus there is no reason to shape one’s life blindly following the prescribed conventions. Thus doing a favor to oneself and to society.
use the system to our own benefit. To this end, we share the info and materials about how to stay genuine within the system and how to find competent, but perky solutions for doing so :P
co-organise the mocking and messing around. All the members have the possibility to contribute – to participate in the activities, to make suggestions, to access the information, to quit the Alliance at any time.

More info: https://saboliit.ee/